vaccine vile with red top and alcohol wipes to the right of it

COVID-19 Vaccines


Eligibility for Vaccines Through UCR


A very limited supply of COVID-19 vaccines will be available through UCR Health for UC Riverside’s vaccination program. UCR is strictly adhering to the California Department of Public Health prioritization protocol.

UCR Vaccination Program Eligibility

  • 1a: Frontline healthcare workers 
  • 1b: UCR employees ages 65 and older 
  • 1b: Frontline essential workers
  • 1c: All employees approved to work on campus (per Worksite Specific Plans)

The university can only confirm whether you are working on campus regularly if you are filling out the Wellness Check form prior to coming work at a UCR facility. 


As we adhere to the California’s vaccination plan, UCR Student Health Services is not scheduling or administering COVID-19 vaccines to students at this time. Please check this website and the Student Health Services website for updated information as we progress through the phases of the vaccination program. 

Vaccination Process

If you are eligible to be vaccinated under UCR’s vaccination program you (and your supervisor) will be contacted directly by UCR Health to schedule an appointment at one of the weekly clinics taking place at the UCR School of Medicine. Below is who will be contacted about on-campus vaccination, which is dependent on vaccine availability. Employees is the below groups should continue filling out their daily wellness check surveys when working on campus to confirm they are working regularly on campus. 

  • UCR Health Care Workers 
    • BSL-3 Lab Users Working with SARS-CoV-2
  • UCR Health Patients Age 65+
  • UCR Staff/Faculty/Students Age 65+
    • Essential Workers Approved to Work on Campus, age 65+
  • UCR Health Patients Age 65+
  • UCR Staff/Faculty/Students Age 65+
  • Food Services
  • Early Childhood Services (K-12)
  • First Responders
    • UCPD
    • Code and Fire Officials
  • Agricultural Workers 
  • All On-site Employees (per Worksite Specific Plans), including but not limited to:
    • PD&C (Project Managers, Building & Safety)
    • EH&S Staff
    • Residential Life
    • Vivarium Staff
    • Facilities Services
    • Faculty and Teaching Assistants Approved for In-person Classes

Vaccine FAQs