Student Services

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Ensure seamless transition for new and returning students to campus for Fall 2021, with a focus on support services and co-curricular experiences.  


Meeting Minutes: June 8, 2021

Meeting Minutes: March 25, 2021

Meeting Minutes: March 18, 2021

Meeting Minutes: April 9, 2021

Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2021

Meeting  Minutes: May 11, 2021

May 12 Student Services Campus Briefing


Lead: Brian Haynes, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Project Manager: Andrea Patrick, Student Affairs Administrative Assistant
Communications: Genesis Gonzalez, Communications Manager
Jose A. Aguilar
Christine Bender
Robert Brumbaugh
Heather Correa
Thomas Dickson
Teri Eckman
Lindy Fenex
Kari Geske
Jessica Gutierrez Masini
Ta'Neill Hope
Christopher Kent
Sesley Lewis
Wes Mallette
Yvonne Marquez
Sandy Navarro
Laura Riley
Michael Schmelzle
Kim Stotts-Sanchez
Toi Thibodeaux
Christiane Weirauch

Feedback for Working Group

Andrea Patrick (