Research Ramp-up

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Manage the return to full research capacity using a phased approach, relying upon public health guidelines, science-based criteria, and faculty consultation.


Oct. 29: COVID-related restrictions rescinded on human subjects research

June 30: Research Ramp-up updates (includes link to the updated matrix)

May 26: Labs conducting human subjects research may resume operations

May 5 Research Ramp-up Campus Briefing

April 13: Labs may increase density up to 50% maximum occupancy

March 29: Undergraduate Researchers Back to Campus


Lead: Rodolfo Torres, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
Project Manager: Beth Claassen Thrush, Project Policy Analyst
Communications: Iqbal Pittalwala, Senior Public Information Officer
Ryan Lipinski 
Sandra Martinez
Cody Simons
Preeti Juturu
Mike Kennedy
Shaun Bowler
Derick Fay
Sheila Hedayati 
Marcus Kaul 
Chris Lynch
Hai Che
Peggy Mauk 
Juliet McMullin
Thomas Smith
Christiane Weirauch
David Volz 
Dan Jeske
Jason Stajich
David Pearson

Feedback for Working Group

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