Operational Continuity

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Manage the safe return to in-person campus operations, including the full range of employee workplaces and on-campus housing operations, and the development and implementation of relevant HR policies and procedures.


March 15 Meeting | Minutes

March 25 Meeting | Minutes


Lead: Gerry Bomotti, Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Co-Lead: Sheila Hedayati, Executive Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Co-Lead: Tammy Few, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer

Project Managers: Jason Espinoza, Interim Director of Emergency Management; Sharyl Murdock, Principal Analyst
Communications: Imran Ghori, Campus Communications Specialist
Viresha Perera
Brendan O'Brien
Christiane Weirauch
John Freese
Veronica Ruiz
Monty Anderson
Hassan Ghamlouch
David Henry
Cesar Higueros
Sean Cason
Erika Leon
Nelson Salvador Aguiar

Feedback for Working Group

Jason Espinoza (
Sharyl Murdock (