Instructional Continuity

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Manage the return to in-person instructional activities and continuing needs for online instruction, using a phased approach and relying upon public health guidelines, science-based criteria, and faculty consultation.


Lead: Liz Watkins, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Co-Lead: Ken Baerenklau, Associate Provost
Project Manager: Julia McLean, Communications and Special Projects Coordinator
Communications: John Warren, Director of News and Information

AY21-22 Membership
Amanda J Lucia
Anil Deolalikar
Ben Harder
Brigham Craig Willis
Christine Mata
Christopher Lynch
Declan McCole
Emily Engelschall
Jamie Loryn Lopez
Janice Henry
Jason Stajich
Jennifer Brown
Joe Kahne
Josh Bright
Juliet McMullin
Kathryn Uhrich
Kevin Vaughn
Louie Rodriguez
Lucille Chia
Nichi Yes
Philip Brisk
Rich Carpiano
Richard Edwards
Robin Hungerford
Shaun Bowler
Stefano Vidussi
Steven Mandeville-Gamble
Subramanian Balachander
Ted Garland
William Wang
Yunzeng Wang
Daryle Williams
Melanie Yuqing Wu
Don Collins
Janice Henry
Juliann Allison
David Bergquist
Gerry Bomotti

Feedback for Working Group

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March 9 Meeting | Minutes

March 16 Meeting | Minutes

April 15 Meeting | Minutes

April 28 Meeting | Minutes

April 30 ICW Campus Briefing

May 11 Meeting | Minutes

June 8 Meeting | Minutes

August 19 Meeting | Minutes

September 2 & 9* Meeting | Minutes
*Emergency Meeting on 9/9

September 16 Meeting | Minutes