Campus Return Events

Events and Gatherings 


The following guidelines were last updated December 30, 2021, and are effective until further notice.  

UC Riverside will minimize the number of in-person events, gatherings, and meetings on campus, given the current Omicron variant and rise in infections. Event hosts should consider the business need for gathering in person. There should be a limitation of large in-person gatherings not directly related to our research and instructional mission. In-person classes are considered an essential activity. Before proceeding, any event must be approved by the organization head, who is accountable for ensuring that all COVID protocols are enforced. 

No large in-person indoor events will take place on campus in the first four weeks of winter quarter.

These guidelines are for any event sponsored by a UCR affiliate on or off campus.  

Events, gatherings, and meetings with a defined and critical business purpose may be held in person, with safety mitigations. 

Please also consider options such as moving your event online or outside, limiting capacity to allow for distancing.

  • Principles 

    The events and gatherings guidelines were established in alignment with the following principles that have guided campus decision making on a variety of issues since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

    • Prioritize the health and safety of all members of our campus community. 
    • Extend in-person education and meaningful student engagement to the greatest extent possible. 
    • Balance consistent decision-making at the campus level with appropriate flexibility at the organization/department level. 
    • Communicate clearly with the campus community. 
    • Prepare to adapt to ever-changing conditions. 
  • Capacity Limits and Standards
    Capacity Limits and Standards for:

    Outdoor Events 

    • No capacity limits for outdoor events 
    • The use of large, walled tents is prohibited. Pop up tents with open sides are permissible, if needed
    • All attendees are strongly recommended to wear face coverings 
    • Guests may not attend if they are feeling unwell or experiencing COVID symptoms

     Indoor Events 

    • No capacity limits for indoor events 
    • Face coverings are required for all participants at all times, except when actively eating/drinking
    • Attendees must complete the Daily Wellness Check prior to arrival 
    • For event spaces with multiple configurations, reduced capacity will be determined by the event venue based on the requested set up 
    • Event sponsors should continue to monitor UCR guidance regarding eating/drinking at events and be prepared to adjust food and beverage options, as necessary. Please see the “Food and Beverage” section below for more information. 

    Athletic Events 

    • Indoor events: 100% capacity, universal masking, Daily Wellness Check completion and confirmation upon entry 
    • Outdoor events: 100% capacity, Daily Wellness Check completion and confirmation upon entry 
  • Food and Beverage 

    There are no restrictions on food and beverage service for events. Hosts should consider alternative service styles to reduce health risk, including: 

    • Individually packaged food/beverages 
    • Boxed meals 
    • Steward-served buffets 
  • Visitors and Event Guests 

    Guidance for visitors and event guests includes the following:  

    • Follow UCR face covering requirements 
    • Follow signage posted on buildings and doors 
    • Abide by all campus health and safety guidelines, which may include campus specific procedures 
    • Some larger events may require COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination 
    • All visitors/event guests should self-monitor their wellness and stay home if they are feeling unwell or experiencing COVID symptoms 
  • Compliance Guidance for Event Hosts 
    • For indoor events, all guests will be required to show their completed Daily Wellness Check 
    • Event hosts are required to comply with all University policies and procedures related to events 
    • Event hosts should consider safety measures and incorporate these into their event planning: 
      • Provide sanitizing wipes & hand sanitizer stations to event attendees 
      • Observe and enforce campus face covering policies 
      • Inform attendees to self-monitor their wellness and stay home if they are feeling unwell or experiencing COVID symptoms 
      • Maintain a contact list of all attendees to aid in exposure notifications and/or contact investigation 
    • Any additional costs related to compliance with Public Health requirements is the sole responsibility of the event sponsor 
    • Direct visitors and event guests to comply with the following: 
      • Wear face coverings over the nose and mouth at all times while indoors 
      • Follow signage posted on buildings and entry way doors 
      • Abide by event coordinator’s attendance guidelines 
    • Refer to the Non-UCR Affiliates/Visitor/Vendor Guidance 
    • Any off-campus event sponsored by a UCR affiliated organization or department should comply with all current and relevant UCR policies
  • Daily Wellness Check